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Innovation is occurring at an astounding rate.  An analysis of the Fortune 500 companies shows that in 1975, over 60% of a company’s market value was represented by their tangible assets.  Today, however, that percentage stands at just 25%!  As a result, it has become increasingly important for companies to thoroughly understand and capitalize on their intellectual property as a separable asset class--to accurately measure it, to analyze it, to monetize it, and to defend it when it is challenged.  That’s where VALCOR comes in.  We value intellectual property, we provide robust IP Analytics including patent audits and mapping, we assist in IP defense by providing lost profits and economic damages models that withstand rigorous scrutiny in the context of litigation, and we help companies with monetization strategies.

VALCOR was started in 2008 in response to a growing need for increasingly robust valuation and analysis of intangible assets that would comply with the evolving financial reporting and tax compliance needs of companies.  With the inception of FAS 141 (now ASC 805), the increasing demands of IRC 409A, implementation of IFRS and many other reporting requirements, the valuation of IP and other intangible assets has become increasingly complex and frequent.

As time went on, we found ourselves analyzing and valuing a disproportionate amount of IP assets for a variety of purposes.  And, at the request of our clients, we developed a suite of services that could provide better analytical insight, valuation, and defense of those IP assets. 

Today, VALCOR is privileged to work with small and large private and publicly traded companies around the world.  We’ve analyzed and valued biomedical assets for companies in Taiwan and China, we valued a portfolio of brand names for a company in England, and we valued software for a French company, analyzed design rights for a group of companies in Canada, and performed a host of IP analyses for many, many other firms both domestically and abroad.



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