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October 2013 Assessing the Value of IP Assets
Real Options Provide Real Results

Historically, many considered patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property (IP) as merely legal instruments to protect innovation.  But in recent years, IP has emerged as a principal source of competitive advantage.  And, Real Options provide a sound framework for valuing these important assets!  Read more...

October 2013 Measuring Brand Equity
Mind the Ps, Qs and a Whole Lot More…

When measuring brand equity, it’s important to clarify the perspective from which the brand is viewed.  After, a thorough assessment of various qualitative factors such as brand awareness, perceived quality and reach is vitally important.  

October 2013 Determining Lost Profits from IP Infringement
Damages Are Not Always Patently Obvious

The Federal Circuit defines compensatory damages as lost profits caused by infringement, but the method by which lost profits are determined isn’t always clear.  Various cases highlight the need to examine several variables to ensure accuracy and defensibility during IP litigation.  Read more...



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